Online presence isn’t just for online businesses anymore. All businesses need online presence to be able to communicate to their target market. Here are the benefits for having an online presence: Accessibility and Convenience Online presence gives people the gateway to communicating with you. It won’t matter whether your office or store is closed or [...]


How important is networking to you? If it’s really important to you, how do you or your company benefit from networking ? Do you even have a set goal? Writer Jeff Shuey states, “networking just to network does not make sense.” It’s true, it doesn’t make sense. If you’re networking, you’re not just there [...]


One of the most nerve-wrecking thing you’ll probably have to do in business is to negotiate. Negotiation is not an easy task. It requires preparation and a whole lot of confidence. Confidence is what many lack when it comes to negotiating. The root of lack of confidence is the fear of rejection. The amount of [...]


If the growth of your company is your priority, then motivating your employees is your priority as well. The result of motivated employees is an increase in productivity. A good work environment drives people to work harder, produce better results, and increase in work satisfaction. This, in return, translates to having a higher retention rate. [...]


We all struggle with time. You probably first realized that you struggle with time management when you were in college, and felt that it wasn’t on your side. You went to school and then work. After work, you start to realize that you haven’t even had lunch and it’s already 11 o’clock at night. With that turning [...]


You’re a business owner if you’re exchanging goods and services for payments. Even if the business is small and done at home, you should still do the required paperwork because it can save you from the IRS. By definition, sole proprietorship is “someone who owns an unincorporated business by himself or herself.” Setting up a [...]


Starting your personal business is said to be one of the most powerful means by which you can take control over your life and make more money every month. Every year it is estimated that over millions of people from all over the globe take a leap of faith in order to start a business [...]


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