Mondays are the hardest. On Mondays, people are typically stressed out, wishing for the weekend to come sooner. Mondays are times for contemplating and wishing they are elsewhere—anywhere but work. This mindset can easily be turned around. Bob Gower discusses what a team should do first thing in order to avoid the immediate stress that Monday mornings may bring.

Bob Gower simply talks about building a habit within your team. Monday morning meetings are a great way for everyone to wake up and to recuperate from the weekend festivities. This gives everyone a chance to jump-start the week and to be back on the same page. Meetings can be focused on sharing of information, rather than just strictly problem-solving. He also continues to explain other aspects of the meeting:

  • Check-in Round
  • Metrics Review
  • Project Status Updates
  • Add Triage Items
  • Process Triage Items
  • Closing Round

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