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The ultimate goal is to achieve business growth. Having the time to be efficient will lead to growth.

Be Efficient

You’ll change nothing in your workflow. Taking away data entry and bookkeeping allows you to focus on serving customers and building your business.

Save Time

Eliminate what can be done for you in order to focus on the bigger picture.

“As soon as I came into this position I knew I needed professional help from individuals with similar accounting backgrounds as myself. I knew I had made the right choice with Blue Chip the moment that Zach and Shamar demonstrated their expertise in operational accounting. But the real kicker was that I believed they could provide the personal attention the owners of the businesses were seeking. One thing I know is operational accounting and the acceptable times needed to complete specific accounting tasks. Blue Chip immediately demonstrated their expertise by restructuring and numbering the chart of accounts in QuickBooks within an acceptable time. I could have easily performed the same tasks but had other more pressing issues on my plate. The real value is that I did not have to train them on anything in order for them to get the tasks completed. All I needed to do was to provide them with specific tasks and let them go at it. As for the personal attention, they did not disappoint as that was one of my strong points made during the interview process and they delivered the first time they met the owners.”
Raul Valenzuela, East West Bridge
“There was never a question that we would not go with Blue Chip as Zach has been working on our company financials for over 5 years and not once has there been an issue or mistake. Cost is important as is getting the financials done right and on time – Blue Chip has always provided real Value.”
Terry Howlett, Skinvisible
“Very shortly after initiating our relationship with Blue Chip we definitely knew we made the right choice. After searching for an in house CFO/Controller, we found it very difficult to find properly trained trustworthy employees to manage our business. We determined the time it would take to train an employee about the nature of our business, along with gaining trust was not in synch with our company growth plans. From the very first experience with Blue Chip, we have received proper guidance and discussion around daily topics and challenges that were well thought through and directed for the best interest of the business. The ability to provide detailed reporting and analysis with minimal prep-time has been immeasurable for our business. The professionalism is unrivaled. There have been multiple instances where I know the staff and leadership has stepped in working well above and beyond what they anticipated in order to provide deliverables or figures required for a multitude of occurrences. Would be very difficult to find an individual to fit within our organization with the variety of skills Blue Chip can provide.”
Brian Davidson, Riggs Companies
“I hired Blue Chip Advisors to help me manage my books and get caught up on our current balance sheet. We have a fast paced business with many different transactions a day that need to be categorized properly and is a very tedious task. By hiring Blue Chip Advisors I not only saved money by cutting down an entire position but I can honestly say I know my books are being done right and that peace of mind is worth its weight in gold. They were also able to save me more than 50% off from what I was expecting to pay in taxes which again was a huge weight off our shoulders. Thank you Anisha and Shamar!”
Todd Harrington, Party Tours Las Vegas

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