Running a start-up company or a small business is tough. Start-ups and small businesses usually start with a small team. It’s a lot easier for small teams to burn out because of challenges and disorganization.

Below are strategies for managing a small team:

Hire smart

The staff you hire should be versatile and must be able to multi-task. An efficient team will finish projects on time, resulting in satisfactory work. When hiring, take a closer look at what experiences they’ve had that qualifies them for the position.

Focus on organization

Record all tasks that need to be done. Recording all tasks will ensure that everything will get done on time. Each task should be divided equally and fairly. Organization will help keep track of everything that’s going on and everyone will be fully aware. Develop the right organization skills amongst your team members and from there, stay updated and keep track of everyone’s responsibilities.

Encourage rest

Resting will benefit the whole team. Working too much is mentally draining. The team must be on top of their game and in order to do so they must be healthy. It’s difficult to keep focused when employees are too tired or worn out. Employees become prone to making mistakes if they’re exhausted. The health of the team must be valued in order to increase productivity.


It may get difficult when it comes to task management. With many tasks that need to be done by a small team, it can get overwhelming. The work that a small team does will help each member grow and learn. Working in small teams requires you to do more research and preparation. This does help build each individual’s skills. They will grow at a faster rate than individuals who work in big teams.


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