The Idea

Every great invention begins with an idea. There’s more to starting a business than just having an idea. The steps you’re willing to take to turn your idea into something real will determine your success. When you decide to follow through with your idea, you’re going to want to properly prepare for it. This will include creating a business plan so that you are as prepared as you can be for your launch.

The Launch

Unfortunately, we cannot predict everything. We create different plans for different circumstances. Once you’ve launched, you’ll realize that not everything goes according to plan. It’s simply because we can’t predict everything. Your launch can still be successful even though unforeseen events occur.                                                       


You’re learning and you’re trying to find the best way to run your business. It’s going to be a struggle because you will make mistakes along the way before getting to where you want to be. Remember, change is okay. Sometimes you have to change your strategies in order to see what is more effective.

Floating Steady

Once you conquer the survival stage, you will find yourself in a steady position. Being in a steady position means you’re making enough to keep the business functioning. You can decide from here whether to grow or not.


In this stage your business is growing. This can be achieved through promotions and word-of-mouth. This is where you’ll be working hard to retain your current customers and to gain new customers.


Do what you need to do to keep growing. Things change, and when they do, be prepared and open to it. The evolution can mean change in different things, for example, new team, new office, etc.


When the time comes you’re going to have to think about what you’ll do with the company when you’re too tired or too old. Be prepared to hand down the company to someone you trust.



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