In the article 5 Ways to Build a Culture of Success, Kevin Daum discusses the importance of a culture and how to achieve a culture of success. Building a culture of success does not only benefit the company, but the employees as well. He discusses choosing passion over skills, how to test candidates, and how to provide a good experience to everyone.

Choosing passion over skills will bring a brighter environment to the work place. Skills can be taught, but it’s rare to find a passionate individual. The one that’s passionate is the one who can help bring the team together because he/she brings enthusiasm and charisma in all tasks. The person with passion believes in the cause of the company and is willing to go above and beyond in order to help the company succeed.

When choosing new hires, choose wisely by testing them prior to hiring. Some people interview well, but when it comes to the actual work they might not execute as well; falling below your expectations. In order to make sure that the people you’re hiring can handle the job, you have to test them. Some employers will do more than just one interview. They may have the current employees also interview the candidate. This is a way to see if the candidate will fit in the current environment of the workplace and if the candidate seems like someone who will get along with the employees.

Providing good experiences will make employees happier. This will motivate employees to be more productive and efficient. A successful work culture can be noticed by not only the team but by the clients/customers too.


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