If the growth of your company is your priority, then motivating your employees is your priority as well. The result of motivated employees is an increase in productivity. A good work environment drives people to work harder, produce better results, and increase in work satisfaction. This, in return, translates to having a higher retention rate.

If you’re unsure of how you can motivate your employees, here are some tips on how to motivate them:


Communication is the key to any relationship, and that includes work-relationships. The way you communicate with your team is crucial, because it builds their opinion about you. Open-communication with your team facilitates or builds a level of respect.

Listen & Respond

Listening is part of being a great communicator. Listening involves undivided attention and focus. Employees always have something to say, but a lot of times they are afraid to say anything because they might receive negative feedback. When responding to them make sure you hear them out. If you don’t agree to what they’re saying, then explain why before saying “no”.

Lead by Example

If the company is what you’re passionate about then show it to your team. Showing them why you’re passionate about it will give them a reason to care.


Employees get excited when you recognize them for their hard work. For your team to continue to work hard, it’s important to acknowledge the efforts they make or what they bring to the table. It builds their self-esteem when you compliment their work.


A dead-end job is probably what most employees fear. Once they start to feel like there’s no opportunity for advancement, they think of other options. So make sure they know that they’re in a place where they can learn and grow.


Too much socialization within the company can be a problem, but socializing helps build teamwork too. The office setting isn’t for everyone, and many may find it boring. That’s why it’s important for your team to socialize with other employees. This creates excitement and being in the office doesn’t become a drag.

Motivation plays a key role in keeping your employees. It also plays a key role in their happiness and satisfaction. Coming to work occupies a great amount of our days. Remember that the more motivated they are, the more they will want to work hard. Any form of motivation to work hard can and will make a world of difference— peace and happiness within the workplace, satisfaction among team members, and an increase in productivity level.