Business Communication Duplicate model

How important is networking to you? If it’s really important to you, how do you or your company benefit from networking ? Do you even have a set goal?

Writer Jeff Shuey states, “networking just to network does not make sense.” It’s true, it doesn’t make sense. If you’re networking, you’re not just there to mingle and make friends, you’re there for a greater reason.

What is your reason?

Networking correlates with growth and success. Networking means making connections that will help you move further in business (or life).

If you find yourself networking, make sure you set up a goal in mind, or else you’re just “networking to network.”

The list below consists of Jeff Shuey’s Rules of Networking:

  1. Grow your Network

State your purpose. Networking events are specifically for growing your network. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of telling people that your purpose is to simply grow your network.

  1. Build relationships with your network participants

Networking also means building a relationship. When you build a relationship you get to know each other and see if it’s someone you want to work with. It’s important to also build trust when building a relationship. The trust that you receive and give back will determine if working together is a smart move.  

  1. Become known as a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Being an expert at something is what you want to highlight. That is your focal point and that will get you further than you can imagine. Focusing on what you’re good at is how you need to sell yourself.

  1. Develop high quality clients and work

Jeff Shuey indicate that, foundation of your network and your future success develop from referrals. Establishing yourself is important because it leads to your credibility. Your credibility can be vouched by your network and as they continue to vouch for you, your network will continue to expand.

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