One of the most nerve-wrecking thing you’ll probably have to do in business is to negotiate. Negotiation is not an easy task. It requires preparation and a whole lot of confidence. Confidence is what many lack when it comes to negotiating. The root of lack of confidence is the fear of rejection. The amount of knowledge you have also plays a role in the amount of confidence you have. The more you know about something, the more you’ll feel more confident about it. You want to be viewed as someone credible and can’t be faltered when making deals. The moment you falter is the moment you show your weakness.

When negotiating keep in mind that you have a goal and in order to achieve your goal there are certain things you should be aware of.


  1. Be Fearless

Being afraid is something people will immediately notice. You are set for failure the moment you show that you’re intimidated.


  1. Aim High

When you aim high you’re showing your confidence and you’re showing that you have control over the situation.


  1. Ignore Ultimatums

Ultimatums simply will not give you what you want, and this is why you should be prepared to walk away.


  1. Be Prepared

Preparation is important. If you’re the seller, sometimes you have to offer a different deal. Be well aware of what you want, and think of different deals to offer that will still benefit you.


  1. It’s Okay to Walk Away

Walking away is a tough decision, because you came to conquer. But sometimes walking away is the right thing to do. You’ll know when to walk away. It’s when your gut is telling you that the deal is not worth it. It’s not because you’re giving up, it’s because you know that it’s more ethical for you to walk away.


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