We all have goals we would like to achieve. We find ourselves struggling to achieve those goals, but when it comes to financial goals it’s even harder. Below shows the 4 bad financial habits people suffer from:

Inflating your lifestyle

  • According to experts “Lifestyle Inflation” is what we do when we spend our extra income on anything that involves improving our lifestyle.

Incurring credit card interest

  • Don’t forget that every time you use your credit card you are also incurring interest charge.

Opting for add-ons

  • If you find yourself paying for something you don’t really need then you suffer from add-ons. You purchase something solely for the purpose of getting a “good deal”.

Letting your money wither in your checking account

  • Money in your checking account translates to money that will be spent. Transferring money to your savings is smarter because it will keep you from spending your hard earned money.

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