Mondays are the hardest. On Mondays, people are typically stressed out, wishing for the weekend to come sooner. Mondays are times for contemplating and wishing they are elsewhere—anywhere but work. This mindset can easily be turned around. Bob Gower discusses what a team should do first thing in order to avoid the immediate stress that [...]


How important is networking to you? If it’s really important to you, how do you or your company benefit from networking ? Do you even have a set goal? Writer Jeff Shuey states, “networking just to network does not make sense.” It’s true, it doesn’t make sense. If you’re networking, you’re not just there [...]


We all struggle with time. You probably first realized that you struggle with time management when you were in college, and felt that it wasn’t on your side. You went to school and then work. After work, you start to realize that you haven’t even had lunch and it’s already 11 o’clock at night. With that turning [...]


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