Blue Chip offers payroll services through ADP, a trusted partner.

Designed specifically for small businesses – and trusted by over 400,000 small business owners – ADP’s payroll and tax filing services can help you better manage cash flow and compliance – and your time.

Payroll Processing: Convenient, reliable and easy to use

ADP’s small business payroll solution lets you process payroll anywhere, anytime and on virtually any leading mobile device.
• Payroll specialists make getting started easy
• Pay employees with direct deposit or have checks delivered to you
• Payroll Preview helps you manage cash flow by allowing you to see and verify the cash required before you process your payroll
• Online reports let you view and analyze current payroll activity
• Employees have 24/7 online or mobile access to their pay information
• Year end 1099 and W2 reporting

Tax Filing: Worry-free compliance

When you use ADP for payroll tax withholding, you help lower your compliance risk. ADP’s large payroll tax compliance team also serves you, so you’ll always be aware of tax deadlines, changes and new requirements.
• All federal, state and local tax filings and deposits are made according to the latest regulations
• We respond to requests the IRS makes to your company for payroll-related information
• State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) management services audit your rates and review your account to spot erroneous agency charges and unwarranted claims

Human Resources: Grows as you grow

Engaging in good human resource management can be one of your biggest challenges. ADP has built-in tools and resources to help you handle important HR tasks.
• Automatic new hire reporting to the proper agencies
• Background checks that provide actionable screening information to help you make more informed hiring decisions
• HR HelpDesk gives you access to a team of certified HR professionals to provide best practice information on your HR questions

Employee Access

Provide your employees direct access to their paystubs, pay history and information. Streamline changes and approvals.

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